Minding Our Mind

Bright thoughts radiate today. Our mind may be streaming with ideas. Interpretations and synthesis may design the foundation of our approaches to relationships, diplomacy, and the generation of beauty/pleasure. The challenge? How to allow for this luminosity of intelligence and rational processing without having it crowd out the contributions that our emotions, intuition, and pragmatism […]

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The Beauty Spotlight

Venus is dancing with the North Node over these next few days. This may inspire an environment in which we find ourselves questioning the direction our relationship or relationship life is headed. What is beautiful and adds grace to our lives may be in focus. If something breaks or goes missing, consider whether its absence […]

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Love, Bravely and Freely

Over the next few days, see if you feel called towards any of the following: Expressing your love in the way only you can. Declaring the unique value that you are. Spending time with people who can contribute to your life in new ways. Considering the non-obvious when it comes to experiences that yield pleasure. […]

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Aries Lunar Eclipse

October 8, 2014: Aries Lunar Eclipse (exact at 3:51 am PDT) What do I want in a relationship? What actions do I feel drawn to take to further having partnerships that serve my best interest? What am I willing to fight for when it comes to deriving the highest value from my social and romantic […]

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