The Growing Posse of Planets in Pisces

Today, Venus joined Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Mars will reside in this compassionate and poetic sign until February 19 and Venus will do so through February 20 (Neptune will float through Pisces for many many years). So for the next three-plus weeks, we may find ourselves being called…..called to open our hearts, called to […]

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Aquarius New Moon

January 20, 2015: Aquarius New Moon (exact at 5:14 am PST) During this New Moon in Aquarius we may find ourselves turning out attention from our personal lives to larger collective issues. Inherent within, there’s a knowingness that we are not separate, that a connection unites us to those we hear or read about around […]

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An Exercise in Conscious Directionality: Mars Square Saturn

Easy? Not necessarily. An exercise in diligence, efficiency, form-building and responsible action? Yes.This may be one way to describe a strong facet of today/tomorrow given today Mars squares Saturn.This is the opening square in the Mars/Saturn cycle, the one that began on August 25 when Mars conjoined Saturn in Scorpio. And while I’ve heard many people […]

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Pluto Squaring the Nodes

Pluto currently stands at the mid-point of Nodal Axis. Another way of saying this is that Pluto is squaring the Nodes. It is exact (partile) tomorrow, but for all intents and purposes this is a archetypal energetic that’s hued the last little while, including the Now. We can consider the Nodal Axis to be a […]

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Cancer Full Moon

January 4, 2015: Cancer Full Moon (exact at 8:53 pm PST) On the Cancer Full Moon we often gain insights into the ways we contribute to both the world and the people to whom we are closest. We may also be better able to understand the role with which we are mainly identified (both by […]

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Today’s Musing…

Related to planetary resonance, the Nodes are occupying the spot that the Sun and Moon did during the October 8 Lunar Eclipse as well as the upcoming April 4 Lunar Eclipse. They will be exactly on those points on January 3 and January 5, respectively. These points are also really interesting because they are so […]

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