Astrological Insights for 18 August – 24 August 2014 [The Intersection of Compassion and Bravado]

At the beginning of the week, our thoughts and words may be infused with softness and sweetness. We may connect to feelings of kindness and communicate from a compassionate place. And as we do so, we may think we are joyously centered generously offering an expression of appreciation to someone in a non-attached way, not concerned […]

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This Weekend

Big love may color the weekend. With Venus uniting with Jupiter on Sunday, we may be drawn to experience a more expansive sense of pleasure and our hearts may appear to be open wide. Just watch not to exaggerate a sense of romance if it leads to the potential for too much pressure on a […]

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Astrological Insights for 11 August – 17 August 2014 [Finding A Clear Reflection of the Heart]

We swim through the first few days of the week, with feelings potentially seeming at once strong while also seeming blurry. We may feel something really powerfully, yet not able to contain it, name it, and/or understand it. Perhaps, flowing with it, trusting it will take us to the destination downstream where exists a new […]

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Aquarius Full Moon

August 10, 2014: Aquarius Full Moon (exact at 11:09 am PDT) During an Aquarius Full Moon, usually issues involving individuals and their relationship to the collective become the center of attention. There could be a heightened sense of tension as an organization strives to accommodate the needs of its members along with its own overarching […]

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Astrological Scents

As you may know from my book Planetary Apothecary and my other writings, different fragrances are typically aligned with different signs. The temperament of a sign may sync well with a certain scent–for example, numinous sandalwood inspires the meditative soulfulness of Pisces. The accordance of sign and scent may come through typical classical hermetic associations–for example, Leo, […]

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Astrological Insights for 28 July – 3 August 2014 [Psyche as Guide]

I’ve realized after working and reworking this week’s Astrological Insights that my heart/mind were calling for a completely different way of sharing my visions for the week. Going about it in the traditional way of writing my reflections wasn’t leading to the ability to capture my thoughts and feelings. And then it hit me: Psyche. […]

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Take good care of yourself today. Be kind and gentle. And compassionate. It’s the twice yearly Saturn station. And while during this period we may learn great lessons of what works and what doesn’t, the necessity of limits, and the realities of hard work, there’s no denying that sometimes these take us through landscapes that […]

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