A Grand Cardinal Cross Exercise

Here’s an idea I have been sharing with clients and friends: Write down reflections and events that occur over the time span of Sunday April 20 to Wednesday April 23. Write down what you’ve done, what you’ve considered, what you’ve realized, what’s caught your attention, who you’ve met, what insights you’ve experienced, what changes have […]

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Astrological Insights for 21 April – 27 April 2014 [Ride the Wave of Change]

Ride the wave of change. Not just change for change sake. But change that allows you to dismantle structures that have bound your true sense of vitality, creativity, love expression, and joy. Change that allows you to touch your deep passion. The waves of change may not necessarily be taking us somewhere completely foreign. They […]

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Libra Lunar Eclipse

April 15, 2014: Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (exact at 12:42 am PDT) Today’s Libra Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse. Even if we can’t see an Eclipse in the sky, these celestial events are potent harbingers of illumination in our lives. Things may seem as if they are coming to fruition as we may […]

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Crafting a Re-Invention Intention

How do you want to re-invent your life? I ask because this month of April–with its bevy of dynamic astrological energetics–offers us some quite potent opportunities to do so. We’ve arrived at a moment where the siren’s song of change is extremely loud; it seems to me that if we accept the call, channel down […]

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