Sagittarius New Moon

November 22, 2014: Sagittarius New Moon (exact at 4:32 am PST) New Moons are auspicious monthly celestial events that usher in fresh cycles of creation. This Sagittarius New Moon marks an auspicious time to undertake a new project that can help us forge a greater understanding of the world around us. Expanding our horizons to […]

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Act Purposefully Value Compassion

Can we break from unconscious patternings that drive our actions and focus upon using our will consciously and strategically to direct ourselves towards goals that will fulfill our sense of life purpose… …while at the same time… ..Being compassionate, practicing Namaste, offering forgiveness, and loving boundlessly while not finding ourselves playing the martyr or giving […]

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Yoga and Astrology

For those who have read my book Planetary Apothecary, you know that one of the self-care approaches I include and for which I give sign connections is yoga asanas. MySign astrology website was interested in this topic and had me craft an article featuring one yoga pose that is aligned with each of the zodiac […]

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Thin-skinned & The Neptune Station

Thin-skinned. Thin-skinned is how I’d describe how I’ve been feeling the last couple of days. Feeling thin-skinned feels very Neptune station. {Neptune, the planet associated with unity, compassion, and permeable–or even non-existent–boundaries is slowing down to station as it prepares to turn direct on Saturday.} Thin-skinned has me feeling more irritated and upset by irritating […]

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The Neptune Station

Neptune holds sway over dreams, imagination, unconditional love, the magical and the mystical. After going retrograde on June 9, Neptune stations direct on November 15, an occurrence that heightens the planet’s themes in our everyday lives. For more on this celestial event, one that colors our whole week, see my latest article on

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In The Meanwhile: A Look At This Week

It’s quite an active/interesting week. Mars/Pluto conjunction (Monday) Mercury/Neptune trine (Tuesday) Venus/Saturn conjunction (Wednesday) Mars/Uranus square (Wednesday) Sun/Jupiter square (Thursday) Neptune stationing direct (Saturday) While I gave the dates that each is exact, note that each’s influences spans across time before and after that indicated day. How do we put this all together? While it […]

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