A Mercury Retrograde Experiment

Mercury retrograde periods give us opportunities to gain new awareness into things, including our communication patterns. After a long conversation this weekend with my dear friend Brad, we decided to undertake a communication experiment; while we didn’t say it was in accord with Mercury retrograde, funny enough the timing we chose for it does actually align. […]

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Astrology for Health and Wellness: An Introduction (Workshop in Seattle)

Want to gain stellar insights into the timeless tradition of medical astrology? Join astrologer and acupuncturist Robert Weinstein and I for this informative workshop filled with practical information that will benefit you as well as your clients. In this workshop we will explore the Sun and Moon by the twelve zodiac signs. In addition to understanding what […]

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Stellar Kids E-Book

I’m so excited to share this with you. This is the cover a new e-book that I just co-wrote with psychotherapist and astrologer Aimee Hartstein (who also happens to be my cousin!). It’s called Stellar Kids: Using Astrology to Harness Your Child’s Potential. It’s a parenting guide with a stellar twist: it’s filled with psychological insights […]

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Aries Lunar Eclipse

September 27, 2015: Aries Lunar Eclipse (exact at 7:50 pm PDT) What do I want in a relationship? What actions do I feel drawn to take to further having partnerships that serve my best interest? What am I willing to fight for when it comes to deriving the highest value from my social and romantic […]

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Finding Balance During Libra Season: Reflections and Flower Essences

My latest article on Rebelle Society, Finding Balance During Libra Season, including reflections on how to move gracefully with the opportunities and challenges that may present themselves this month, as well as flower essences that may be supportive. You can read it here. {This beautiful photo that Rebelle Society featured with my article came from […]

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