Creativity Meets Spiritual Intention

At his Astrology of Always workshop I attended yesterday, the soulful and wise astrologer Mark Jones spoke about how August 27 through September 15 (tomorrow) as well as March 22 through April 25 (2015) are both quite powerful times to re-orient ourselves to allow for our deepest creative potential–seeded with and from spiritual ideals for ourselves, humanity, and the all–to […]

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September Stellar Beauty on JNSQ

Honoring Venus in Virgo, the latest Stellar Beauty collab I did with Melissa Middleton Lanman at JNSQ focuses on recommitting to a skincare routines, getting back to basics, and paying attention to the details that can inspire radiance. You can find it here.

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Mars’ Last Hurrah in Scorpio…

Mars is at the end of Scorpio, where it’s been since forever (just kidding…it may seem like forever but it’s only been there since July 25). It shifts into Sagittarius on Saturday. With Mars about to complete its dive through revealing-secrets (including those you keep from yourself) Scorpio, are you noticing any resolution to issues […]

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Pisces Full Moon

September 8, 2014: Pisces Full Moon (exact at 6:38 pm PDT) The Pisces Full Moon can be an auspicious time for healing. We have at our disposal the ability to connect to the body (via earthy Virgo, the sign in which the Sun resides) and our intuition (via sensitive Pisces, the sign in which the […]

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Drama Shifts to Discernment: Venus Moves From Leo to Virgo

Venus moves into discerning Virgo on Friday, where the planet of beauty and allure stays through September 29. During this time we may find ourselves drawn to the notion of crafting–the attention-to-detail, methodical process of casting something into form. For some this could actually involve a “craft project”–whether that be canning, woodworking, jewelry making or the […]

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{Seattle Event} Mercury Retrograde AstroSalon

This fall I’m offering a series of free AstroSalons sponsored by the new dating app SIREN. The first—on September 24—is entitled Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde. In it, we will explore how not only is there more to Mercury Retrograde than meets the eye…there’s definitely much more to it than the potential for broken tech gadgets, […]

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Integrating Transformation on an Emotional Level

Last week, Monday through Wednesday, Mars and Saturn came together and squared Venus. Over the week-plus leading up to that and ever since, many people have moved through intense territory, uncovering deep desires, hidden motivations, and unconscious fears related to relationships, a sense of personal value, sex, power, and control. Yesterday, the Scorpio Moon danced with Saturn and Mars […]

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Undefined Beginnings & Endings

Inspired by a gorgeous passage I read this morning written by my wise and beautiful friend, fellow astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss, that was part of the incredible Project40 alchemical journey in which I am participating, I felt called to write this reflection below, sharing it today as it feels aligned with the boundaries-aren’t-always-so-clear Sun/Neptune opposition through […]

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